Free Shipping On All products    -    Contact us At: (800) 303 6194

Free Shipping On All products    -    Contact us At: (800) 303 6194

Selfie Light Case - Take Perfect Selfies (for iPhone & Android)

Want better selfies? You're gonna need the perfect lighting.

Developed by a professional photographer, the LED lighting on both the left and right sides of the selfie case creates the perfect lighting for any photo

  • Perfect lighting is just a click away with an easy on/off switch.
  • Use for selfies, FaceTime, Skype, make-up lighting, Snapchat & Instagram.
  • Rechargeable case battery and included micro USB charging cord.
  • Long lasting battery that works independently for weeks with normal use and doesn't drain your phone battery.
  • Three different light settings
  • Tough, impact resistant plastic that helps protect your phone from drops.

* Extremely high demand - expect 2-3 weeks for it to arrive. Limit 3 per person.